Intelligent Investing

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All value investing is intelligent investing

Intelligent is more of a psychology game, where someday you see people around you make tons of money and your empire is growing at a slow pace. As a human nature, we don’t to be rich in slowly. It is rare to find someone who wants to be rich the tortoise way. Warren is one of those tortoise we know in the investing world.

We generally belief investing is easy. We just need to buy a few hot stocks which are trending right and they will be worth more a couple of minutes of days later. It is easy to invest. However, investing successfully and sensibly for more than 8 decades is not an easy task.

Do you want to earn $1 million or you are more interested to spend $1 million

People say that they want to earn money whereas on deeper analysis, one will figure out what one really want is to do the spending thing that too without any efforts. We just need that one million on few clicks. It is humans tendency to spend, we like to spend when we have money to buy.

Value investing is not as much as doing the smart things as much is to avoid doing the dumb things. As we go ahead in the digital world, it will be one of the least competitive field as people will be more inclined to instant gratification and quick results. Patience is one of the most underrated trait that you won’t learn at school.

When you kick off investing start with oneself. INVEST in YOU. The hard work you do this year to see the result the next year. What comes quickly, leaves quickly.

Until then…

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